FIFTH Wheel “LUBE LINER”-with Graphite

This product has proved to be extremely effective in reducing operating costs on all vehicles with a FIFTH wheel.

“LUBE LINER” attaches to the kingpin and provides constant lubrication for easier handling, cleaner operation, safety trailing and more reliable performance during on-the-road-operations. What’s more the product is environmentally friendly. No more grease on the wear-plate.

Made with Graphite for substantially improved lubrication As the lube liner wears, graphite is released, creating a far higher level of lubrication NO time consuming cleaning to deal with Environmentally friendly Bottom Line:  The “Lube Liner” will save you maintenance costs and enable you to spend less time servicing your rig.


If you are not doing repeated drops, it is not unusual for the “LUBE LINER” to last up to 18 months before needing to be replaced. Product life depends on circumstances surrounding equipment usage and maintenance.

If you are interested in improving performance and reducing operating costs, you will appreciate the durable ”LUBE LINER”. This high-density polyethylene disc helps solve your lubricating problems by eliminating the need for FIFTH wheel plate grease. It removes the danger of a DRY FIFTH wheel plate and it ends the need to clean plate grease from your tractor and trailer.

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